In Borås in the southern part of Sweden, the software company Centiro has its headquarter. In 2011 they built their first office building designed by Wingårdhs architects. Since then the company has grown and new needs have arisen, why they in 2017 they expanded with a complete new office building. Once again Wingårdhs was behind the design.

Commercial — Sweden


Douglas Classic
Thickness 35 mm. Width 300 mm. Length 14 m 
Finish Lye and Natural Oil & 
Greenland Green Linseed Oil

Centiro’s ambition to offer a good work environment for their employees permeates everything in the new building. They see their employees as their primary asset and believe that they need to live and work in an environment that is both inspiring and comfortable. 


With keywords as curiosity, attitude and relaxed seriousness these needs are what Wingårdhs have aimed to fulfill with their design the of the new office, that besides workplaces also includes a gym, a winter garden, outdoor garden and roof terrace as well as a restaurant in the lobby, which is also open to the public.



The first thing that catches your eye in the new building is the big atrium with staircases in Dinesen Douglas, which connects the four floors. The crossing staircases create an impressive architectural view through the building while the platforms hereof function as small lounge areas. 


The decor is comfortable and dynamic, and the Douglas planks create a calm and warm base. The main part of the planks has been finished with lye and natural oil, while the flooring area on the ground floor and the staircase leading to the first floor have been finished with a soft, green linseed oil.


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