Food, art and Dinesen plank floors unite in one of Copenhagen's most monumental and characteristic buildings. The National Gallery of Denmark, also known as SMK, has opened the doors to the eatery Kafeteria, decorated by the internationally acclaimed artist Danh Vo.

Commercial — Denmark
Danh Vo 


GrandOak Classic 
Thickness 22 mm. Width 300 mm. Length 1-5 m
Finish Natural Oil


With more than 700 years of art and art history, SMK holds Denmark’s largest collection of art experiences. But it is not only the pieces hanging on the wall that reflects the development in art, the building itself testifies to the long history of SMK and a museum in constant development.

Most recently, SMK has renovated the facilities on the right side of the main entrance, where they have opened the new restaurant Kafeteria in collaboration with chef and restaurateur, Frederik Bille Brahe, to help set a new standard for the dining experience and café environment in the museum space.

In the rooms with the impressive floor-to-ceiling height, new, wide floor planks have been laid in Dinesen GrandOak, which in interaction with the large windows and curved ceilings create a beautiful architectural setting for the interior.


“SMK is proud to be able to present Dinesen floors in the museum’s eatery, Kafeteria. The internationally recognized family business, driven by a passion for wood and respect for nature since 1898, was a natural first choice due to its high quality level and strong sense of aesthetics.”

Mikkel Bogh, CEO
The National Gallery of Denmark


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