Ash GrandPattern

Dinesen Ash combines the essence of Nordic aesthetics and craftsmanship with a personal expression.

Every single plank of ash tells its own story – what they have in common is the uncompromising quality that characterises the Dinesen tradition of inviting nature inside.

Prices from 68 € per m2 excl. of VAT, delivery and installation.

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  • Most common selection that only contains heartwood planks. A very Nordic expression, possessing the structure of Douglas and the strength of oak. Few or no knots.

    The image is only indicative
    • Classic
    • Natural
    • White
  • Solid planks laid in a herringbone pattern is a timeless solution. Choosing large dimensions in the individual planks takes the classic pattern to new heights with an impressive expression and an elegant look.
    • Herringbone
    • Mosaic
    • Bond
    • Oil

    Dinesen Light Oil
    The oil seals the surface, and the floor only needs to be washed with Dinesen Floor Soap when it needs cleaning. The floor will require regular repeat treatments with oil to maintain the seal.
    See how to maintain your Dinesen floor
    • Dinesen Light Oil
    • Dinesen White Oil
    • Dinesen Natural Oil
  • Ash Classic

    Thickness — 22 mm,
    Width 250 mm, 
    Length —  1000 mm

    Ash White

    Thickness — 22 mm
    Width — 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm
    Length —  600 mm, 750 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm 




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What happens when a bunch of creative thinkers challenge the concept of shape? In collaboration with Kontorkontor, Studio David Thulstrup and John Pawson, we introduce Dinesen Ash.


Dinesen Showroom Copenhagen 
Ash Classic — Thickness 22 mm. Width 300 mm. Lengths 2-5 m. Finish Light Oil 


Ash GrandPattern i Herringbone. Finish: Light oil.  

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