Garde Hvalsøe Showroom

Garde Hvalsøe unfolds a world of tailored kitchen and interior solutions in their new inspiring showroom in Copenhagen made in close collaboration with Studio David Thulstrup. The result is an eclectic experience where the sublime handcraft plays lead violin. Naturally, Dinesen is a part of the symphony.

Commercial — Copenhagen
Studio David Thulstrup — Photo: Anders Hviid


Thickness 30 mm. Width 300-350-400 mm. Length 2-5 m.
Finish Light Oil

Oak Pattern, Squares
Thickness 30 mm. Width 450 mm. Length 450 mm. 
Finish Graphite

Upon entering the space, one is immediately taken into the very essence of Garde Hvalsøe and the company’s tale of life and craft. Dinesen Oak Squares laid in a quadratic pattern welcome guests at the entrance which is elegantly combined with a custom-made wine room in a distinctive architectonic demarcation created with smoked oak planks and glass. In the same way, bespoke floor-to-ceiling shelves in Dinesen Oak work as space dividers throughout the showroom.


The entrance to the showroom is elegantly combined with a room for wine in a distinctive architectonic demarcation created with planks from smoked Dinesen Oak and glass. In the same way the custom-made shelves in Dinesen Oak from floor ceiling work as space dividers in the showroom. Dinesen Oak Squares layered in a quadratic pattern welcome guests at the entrance. The walls have a white structured surface and all the windows are covered up with white fabric, creating an even and neutral setting, where the exquisite handcraft is in focus.


The use of massive wood for floor, wall cladding and tailed design solutions, especially prevalent in the entrance design, emphasises the core values of Garde Hvalsøe: honest materials of the highest quality, traditional craftsmanship and high-class interior designs that are made to last a lifetime.

Furthermore, the showroom also offers a variety of specially made furniture including a minimalistic table with 12 persons seating created from planks in Dinesen Ash stained in light blue.


It is far from the first time that Dinesen and Garde Halvsøe’s handcrafts unite. After having designed many tailored kitchens for homes with Dinesen floors a thought arose in 2014. What if a kitchen was made which would be experienced as a natural extension of the wood floor? Letting Garde Hvalsøe’s handcraft and sense of quality meet Dinesen’s handcraft and quality wood. This spawn the kitchen model “Dinesen” that is one of Garde Hvalsøe’s most distinctive and iconic carpenter kitchens. 

The design is characterised by letting the massive HeartOak planks figure in the entire kitchen construction, where the long and wide dimensions are used to create consistency in the design. In this way the grains of the wood twist and turn on the front of the drawers making the grandeur of the wood visible in the finished kitchen.


The mutual passion for wood that Dinesen and Garde Hvalsøe share can be experienced in our joint showroom in the iconic Mejlborg in Aarhus, which is also designed by Studio David Thulstrup.


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