The Audo

The Audo is a new hybrid space in Copenhagen facilitating and celebrating human interaction and connection, as well as artistic expression. As a hotel residence, restaurant, café, concept store, material library, creative work and event space, The Audo unites design, work-life, hospitality and community in one.

Commercial — Copenhagen
Norm Architects — Photo: Monica Steffensen and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


Oak Natural
Thickness 22 mm. Widths 100-125-150-175 mm. Length 1-4 m. 
Finish Natural Oil


As former CEO and founder of the Danish design brand MENU, Bjarne Hansen has taken on a new venture with a strong vision to connect kindred spirits from across the globe, through this new space concept, The Audo. With a clear idea in mind, he brought together different creative individuals and began the journey to manifest his dream together with Norm Architects and Nathan Williams from Kinfolk.

cafe_menu-the-audo_norm-architects_copehangen_dinesen.jpg (1)

The name, Audo, is an abbreviation of the latin phrase Ab Uno Disce Omnes meaning ”from one, learn all”, defining the space as a place for people to share ideas, experiences and knowledge. The Audo is a meeting place where the international art and design community can come together, collaborate, experiment, and incorporate the inspiration they find into a unique story that they can then share with the world. The Audo is a home for creative individuals who believe that exchange opens up and enriches one’s way of seeing and being in the world.


The Audo’s architecture team, led by Norm Architects founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Norm Architects partner Peter Eland, has transformed a disused merchant house for a shipping magnate in Nordhavn, Copenhagen’s new waterfront city district and former industrial port. The Audo’s building is one of the oldest in the area, and, as an homage to the historic character, Norm Architects chose to preserve the building’s façade.


The Audo’s different zones are decorated with furniture and accessories from Menu’s own collection combined with handpicked design from around the world. The floors are a combination of concrete and warm toned Dinesen Oak with a Natural Oil finish.

The Audo is open on all weekdays. For further information go to


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