CLAY Museum

Not far from the historical Hindsgavl manor house and estate lies Grimmerhus, built in 1887 and designed by Johan Daniel Herholdt, one of the leading architects in his time.

Commercial — Denmark
Kjaer & Richter


Douglas Classic
Thickness 28 mm. Width 350 mm. Length 4-6,5 m
Finish Lye and White Soap


Since its opening in 1994, Grimmerhus has been the only museum in the Nordic region specialising in contemporary ceramic art. In 2015, in cooperation with the architectural firm Kjaer & Richter, the museum was brought into the 21st century with the addition of a 1,500-square-metre museum annex. After the renovation, the museum was renamed CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark.


Out of respect for the old, listed building and the natural setting, Kjaer & Richter created a museum building where most of the annex is situated underground. Both above and below ground, the annex features large glazed sections that take in the scenic surroundings.


More than 2,100 square metres of Douglas flooring forms an elegant setting for the ceramics in the new museum annex. The solid planks bring a light, simple and calm expression that complements the ceramic exhibits and the stunning view of the Little Belt strait.


The meeting between the contemporary and the historic is reflected both in the exhibitions and in the museum architecture. CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark contains a comprehensive collection of both Danish and international ceramics on a high artistic level.


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